NUS Economics Alumni Mentorship Program

About the Mentorship Program

The NUS Economics Alumni Mentorship Program is a collaboration between NUS Economics Alumni and NUS Economics Society.

It was formally initiated in the 2011/12 Academic Year. The program aims to guide current Economics undergraduates in discovering their preferred career paths and to gain insights from the experiences of their Economics Alumni mentors.

In this program, an alumni is paired up with a few undergraduate mentees to have a better understanding of opportunities after graduation.

Alumni mentors would be able to benefit by looking at issues from a different perspective, and keeping in touch with the current education landscape

This mentor-mentee pairing structure is also supported by group-wide activities such as across the board social outings, career seminars and panel discussions. Furthermore, there would be coffee shop chats where undergraduates can meet with industry veterans over a casual cup of coffee.

All economics students or alumni interested in this program are welcome to participate.

What our Mentees Say

“The mentorship program provided me a good insight into the harsh realities of working life and acted as a prognostication for my possible future careers. The alumni gave valuable insights, which really opened up my horizons about possibilities in the future.”

Dennis Tay Wee Meng (2013/14 Mentee)

What Our Mentors Say

“The sharing is indeed inspiring and enlightening for both the mentors and the mentees. The mentees can understand what it takes for entrepreneurship and perhaps the journey to be travelled. For the mentor, it allows us to understand what are our younger generations’ expectations, hopes, concerns and therefore hearing their inner voices. Each generation has its own expectation and hopes, they too seek to be understood and be heard. As a quote inspired by Mark Twain, ‘This allows me to put myself in their shoes, and perhaps walk around with it.’ “

Heng Guan Hou (1998 Graduate):