Messages from Alumni

Supiah Dhanabalan

Mr Suppiah Dhanabalan talked about advice for graduating economics students:
“There is a difference between being happy and living a meaningful life. You have to ask yourself what it is that you find meaningful. Your generation is a lot more aware about what is happening in the world, and all the various options, problems, challenges and attractions. You have a lot more information. Your decisions are tougher because you are better informed than I ever was. But start with what you want, be it happiness or meaning.”

Adapted from ECONews (December 2015)

About the alumnus: Mr Dhanabalan was awarded with the nation’s highest honor, the Order of Temasek (First Class). He was the pioneer that established Economic Development Board (EDB) and later the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).

Ho Kwon Ping

Mr Ho Kwon Ping talked about Economics as a subject:
“Economics is one of the most exciting subjects in the world. Whether you are reading Karl Marx or Adam Smith, it makes you really excited because you realize that Economics is what drives the world. It is the engine of growth and also the engine of disaster. It is such an incredibly dramatic field.“

Adapted from ECONews (August 2015)

About the alumnus: Mr Ho Kwon Ping is currently the Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings and the Chairman of the Singapore Management University.

Wee Sin Tho

Mr Wee Sin Tho talked about his undergraduate days in NUS:
“The most significant memories I have are of the friendships I forged. As university students you have much more time to make connections and spend time with friends. In fact many of my close friendships and relationships go back to my undergraduate years. The connections you make with people may be fortuitous or may be by chance. Yet somehow, these are the people you continue to connect with in later years. You meet them in all sorts of situations – as clients, as associates, as competitors and so on. That is why I always say do not make enemies.”

Adapted from ECONews (December 2013)

About the alumnus: Mr Wee Sin Tho is currently the Head of the NUS Development Office. He was the CEO of reputable financial firms such as Hong Leong Capital Berhad and the founder of the NUS Investment Office.