Leading By Example

Helping undergraduates is a big part of the NUS Economics Alumni’s mission

By Chia Ee Khim

Beyond the usual bonding and networking sessions for its alumni, the NUS Economics Alumni is very much focused on supporting Economics undergraduates. Since setting it up its Alumni Bursary in 2010, three years after the group was first established, it has helped 16 financially-needed Economics undergraduates. This year, the alumni group aims to get the fund endowed – their target is to raise S$250,000 and so far they have received donations of S$170,000 in total. 

The NUS Economics Alumni also has plans to expand its Mentorship Programme, which pairs a mentor alumnus with a number of undergraduate mentees. The mentor meets up with the mentees on a regular basis to give them advice on career and other issues. 

Having been with the alumni group since its inception, Ms Chang Rui Hua (Arts and Social Sciences’12) hopes more alumni will step up and help Economics undergraduates, especially the underprivileged ones. “The more alumni who join us, the more people we have to help spread the cause – and it becomes a virtuous cycle,” says Ms Chang.  

As for deepening the relationships between Economics alumni, the group continues to do so through various activities and two key events every year: the Chinese New Year Lo-Hei and Year-End Dinner, where old friends can catch up over a meal in a relaxed environment. In mid-February 2016, the Chinese New Year Lo-Hei will be held at China Club and previous guests-of-honour who attended past NUS Economics Alumni dinners will all be invited.  

First published in ECONews in December 2015