Law and You – Talk by Economics Alumni Committee on 9 May 2014

To encourage the broadening of knowledge beyond the subject matter of Economics and as part of the continuous effort to create interesting events for Economics alumni and students alike, the Economics Alumni Committee presented a talk on the topic of Law and You. The speaker was a practicing lawyer, a double degree alumna in Economics and Law and a current member of the Committee.

To bring the heavy subject of law closer to the hearts of the audience, the talk gave a simple and understandable overview of topical subjects such as personal injury, sexual harassment, family law, contracts and lemon law. The topics were presented in an engaging manner, e.g. “Accidents — Who should be responsible for my misfortune?”, “Blurred Line or Crossing the Line?” The speaker also gave hypothetical scenarios and multiple-choice questions, which encouraged audience participation.

The talk received a warm response from an enthusiastic audience and was a delightful success that overran its allocated time.

We thank the speaker, Ms Shen Xiaoyin, and everyone involved for the effort in presenting this talk. We look forward to future events by the Economics Alumni Committee.

This article was published in ECONews in December 2014